Tuesday, February 12, 2008

finding comfort in butternut squash fries

I have been in the process of moving these past few weeks, and of course along with uprooting my life comes alot of changes. I usually crave the routine of eating the same breakfast and lunch and then creating something more interesting when it comes to dinner. I would love coming into work and researching my favorite websites to find my next recipe attempt. Changes has always been difficult for me, however when it comes to food I am always looking for changes and challenges. I love to see old dishes reinvented and new dishes that make me smile. With that said some days you just crave the familiar.

I think that's what makes people head back to comfort foods, because it give you the comfort of the familiar. Especially in a major life change. One of erin's favorite foods is chicken fingers. Its just one of those foods that can be done a million different ways and can cater to anyone's taste buds. When I came across the Hungry Girl Chicken Fingers recipe I knew it was a must try! I must admit I was a bit nervous because although I am a huge fan of Fiber One (the coating for these fingers) erin was not...however she LOVED these. Often when I attempted to make a well known junk food healthy, you could definietly tell the difference (even if it was still yummy) however with this recipie, erin thought, truly stood up well to your typical greasy, fried, chicken fingers!

Of course what goes best with chicken fingers but FRENCH FRIES. I always do the traditional cut up a regular potato (french fry style), spray with Pam, season to taste and bake in the oven...not to bad. I was then introduced to butternut squash fries!! These remind me alot of sweet potato fries, but you are eating squash...and it taste like fries...how could you go wrong?? The only change to this recipe is that erin seasons these with a bit of red pepper flakes as well, because I love the combo of hot and sweet. I normally do a mix of both for these meals because erin's not a huge fan of sweet fries.

I am slowly getting back into my routine of searching and cooking. But after a long day of finding my way around a new city/office/gym, it's nice to return to the dishes that deliever no matter where you are!