Monday, April 13, 2009

Baking for Bunnies

Easter Trivia: What do the Easter bunny and I have in common: our love of carrots! Sure the bunny may prefer the raw, cold kind, where I prefer the warm baked kind. It's all the same to me. SO...I had to try yet another desert out of the new HG book and the Easter Bunny couldn't agree more. (or so I think)
I picked 14-carat Cupcakes (clever name right?!). per usual these were super simple to make. I had alot of ingredients but since I was making these at erin's house I packed everything up to go! I had a minor incident with the dry ingredients (BE SURE TO ONLY ADD 1 CUP OF THE CAKE MIX...not the whole thing :(...but erin assured me it would be fine and I just took some dry mix out. Next time I will be a bit more careful.
I thought the mix looked so colorful on it's own! i also picked up some cute Easter cupcake papers to add to the festivities
After cooling for about an hour I threw some frosting on these and they were ready for tasting...they were a hit. In my opinion one of the stars of the cupcake was the pineapple. It made it really moist and added a sweetness. erin's sister really thought the frosting was incredible as well. What can I say Greek yogurt is amazing!
I also wanted to mentioned the GREAT Easter basket an amazingly thoughtful someone left me this year! It was filled to the brim with all the things I love. A great mix of health and fun! Someone knows me pretty well.
it had:
-clif bars
-wasabi peas (LOVE LOVE LOVE)
-an apple pear... never heard of these but it was delish!
-and some cadbury cream favorite easter candy!
Hope the bunny was as good to you as (she) was to me!!!