Friday, April 10, 2009

Local Wine Tasting

I know I have mentioned the amazing winery (Nashoba) dangerously close to erin and I that we will be frequenting this summer for tastings and picnics. Prior to our big trip to Wine Country we thought we ought to take advantage of an event they were holding and also hone in our "wine tasting skills" (or lack there of haha).

The theme was Caribbean Tapas and Wine, and since the weather in the Boston area has been anything but tropical it was a perfect feux getaway.

We had never been to an event here. we have done the tour and eaten at their amazing J's Restaurant (brunch is great!), so we felt pretty confident it would be great. We were right!

They opened up the tour area as the event arena and they had different stations throughout with the three wine and tapas offerings.

Whole Roasted Mahi Mahi (later switch to Artic Char both delicious) in banana leaves Wine pairing: Chardonnay.
I really like their Chardonnay and Erin and I bought a bottle of this at the end of the event!

Cuban Style Roast Pork with garlic mojo; Wine pairing: Cherry. Now this one was erin's favorite! We aren't big "sweet wine" drinkers but paired with the Pork it was excellent she said! I didn't try this one and instead went back for 2nds of the fish!

Gulf Shrimp with tropical citrus salsa; Wine pairing: Riesling . I was really looking forward to this dish but sadly the shrimp were a bit undercooked so we didn't finish this one. They did a great job, but trying to cook the shrimp on-site I think they felt a bit rushed. We actually saw a women return her's and I think it freaked erin and I out. we are such wimps!

This was such a nice event. You received three tickets (one for each course) so it was up to you where you want to begin making it quite laid back and relaxing! Also, as I mentioned before, it was great for me because the course i didn't want to try allowed me to sample another one twice.

Support your local wineries!! (oh you also got to keep the glass...we are getting quite a collection)

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Sammie said...

Nashoba Valley Winery is awesome. They have the best wine selection and I love that they also have pick your own fruit (when in season).