Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Gimmie SMORE!

So if you live in Boston, have visited the area or just love the weather channel you will know that our summer around here has been anything but beachy weather. With that said, what is a girl to do in the mid-summer, stuck inside, while it's raining...with a gas stove?

Make Smores!

While we were luck enough to be at the beach...we were not able to spend much time spent outside, but we refused to let the summer traditions just melt away. So Erin, Molly and I opted to try our hand at stove made Smores. I must say, they turned out is our recipe for success:

Step 1: assemble fixins. open bag of marshmallows. unwrap the six pack of chocolate bars that of course you needed to purchase even though just 3 of you are making these and unwrap the low-fat graham crackers. I also recommend placing the desired chocolate amount on the graham cracker.

Step 2: find kabob skewers that will make for "indoor branches" to use over your open oven flame.

Step 3: turn stove on to desire heat. Isn't this great? you can turn it up if you are a lover of burnt marshmallows, or keep it on "blue flames" to really brown it up.

Step 4: cook marshmallow

Step 5: place marshmallow on one half of cracker over the chocolate. place other cracker on top of marshmallow and pull the skewer out.


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Scott said...

Did you have any gas taste at all on the marshmallows from the flame on the burner?