Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Marathon Munching!

So of course most people carb up before marathon's right? And who was I to argue with tradition. Although I will say that it was also erin's first trip back to NYC since we moved so we wanted to celebrate that as well. After a quick trip to the running expo we were ready to eat!
We had already decided to hit up our most frequented neighborhood, the West Village.

We first made a pit stop into Boxer's for a refreshment:

Beer for Carbs!

Okay in all honesty it was erin's beer and i quickly vetoed eating here...because frankly I am not a fan of beer in plastic glasses :(

We then made our way down the street to a cute little tapas restaurant. Erin and i had actually always wanted to try this place when we lived here but it was always super busy or closed. So I jumped at the chance to grab a window seat and chow down.
The menu was great! We opted to share some plates including: mussels, calamari, shrimp and a veggie sandwich with goat cheese...YUM! The waiter found out that I was running the marathon the next day and kept sending bread over to the table...

everything was so tasty!

After heading back to Staten Island (we were staying with our friend molly's in laws which was SO nice!) we headed to Aunt Gina's for Halloween Dinner! She had tons of snacks out all afternoon which I didn't hesitate to graze upon.
I finished the night off simple with a nice bowl of pasta...I was ready!