Monday, March 10, 2008

Fishy Finds

I am a huge sushi fan. To say that doesn't really give my addiction full credit. When I lived in Brooklyn I would get sushi at least twice a week! Since relocating erin and I have yet to find an affordable sushi place to feed my habit. So, we have attempted to replace it with normal fish dishes. That being said fish isn't all that cheap either! I have succumb to the fact that, for the time being, fish will be a treat. But only for the time being! I soon hope to be a full fledged sushi addict again!

The treat this week was a birthday! Erin's sister was came over on Sunday to celebrate her birthday and she just so happens to share my love of fish. She chose tilapia as her "catch of the (birth)day". I must say I was pretty psyched because I have never cooked fish before and I welcomed the challenge. She also mentioned that she was a big fan of asparagus and mashed potatoes. Armed with her palate choices I searched the one place I knew wouldn't fail me...eatingwell!

This recipe for Chili-Rubbed Tilapia with Asparagus & Lemon, seemed to be waiting just for me. After quickly pursuing the ingredients and instructions, I was confident that I could pull this one off. There were six of us eating so I opted to double the recipe. I prepped the asparagus first because we were also going to have the cauliflower puree (as opposed to potatoes) and I needed the steamer for both dishes. After the asparagus was done, and the cauliflower working, I went to prepping the fish. I knew that I had doubled the fish, so in turn I doubled the rub. It turned out that I needed to make a little more than that in order to cover all the fish we had. I also didn't measure the oil called for but rather added oil as needed. The fish took only a few minutes on each side to cook up and erin helped me determine it was cooked by testing the flakiness factor! It's hard to tell in the picture, but this fishy was flaky and delicious. Just enough flavor without being too spicy.

Once the fish was done I covered it in a glass pan with foil and went to work on finishing the asparagus. Now I am already a fan of this veggie but adding it into a flavored filled pan of spices with lemon juice to boot really enhanced the flavor. Lizzie's boyfriend even claimed that the seasoning made him a fan of this "otherwise bland vegetable"(in his former opinion). Garnished with a fresh lemon, and cauliflower puree on the side, we sat to eat!
Erin could not stop raving about this dish. Even though she had a few glasses of wine ahead of time, I really think she was pretty impressed at my first fish dish!
She gave it a 9.7, WOWIEE. She even remarked that this may have to make an appearance at her birthday celebration.