Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Mouthwatering Mudslide Cookies

Alert, Alert!! I don't always cook low-fat, healthy, count the weight watcher points treats. I often come across a recipe that is just too yummy looking to pass up. high or low points. I wouldn't say I do this often...but who no one can resist all the time!

My friend Molly's mom introduced me to the world of King Arthur Flour and let me assure you this will be an ongoing, wonderful relationship!! This brand is getting bigger and bigger, mostly known for their various types of flour, and it began in little old wonderful Vermont (that's where Molly is from). Molly's Mom works at King Arthur in fact and if you ask me it's no question that if you ever spend a weekend at Molly's, her mom should be named employee of the month. Every time Erin and I go visit we awake to the smell of pancakes...sometime pumpkin...oatmeal...blueberry, muffins, scones and of course REAL New England maple syrup. You name it King Aurthur has it!

On a recent trip she raided her cupboards and passed along some of the KA desert mixes(a perk of working there is that employees are "forced" to take product home for testing:). Although these are mixes, and not officially from scratch, I still consider this cooking. Frequently compiled of "scratch" ingredients these mixes still make you measure/read and assemble to create a yummy outcome. This amazing company not only carries mixes but various cooking supplies from almond flour to baking appliances to their Pompanoosuc Porridge (more to come on that in a later blog!). Whenever I am able to visit the store (you can sign up for their emails/catalogs as well) the choices and possibilities are endless.

The other night I whipped up their new Jacques Torres Mudslide cookies. Erin and I were actually visiting Molly and since she has made these before we knew she would let me know how they turned out. This mix had two bags of chocolate discs, and a powder base.

The first thing to do was melt one of the packets of dark chocolate:
You then combine the dry mix with the melted chocolate and stir in the other packet of chocolate disc.
Then Scoop away!
These were fairly simple to throw together, and they only got tricky when I had to scoop them for baking. The box calls for ten cookies, and let me warn you that is WAY TO LITTLE. Molly had warned me that if I followed those directions the cookies would be far too large (and we like our cookies large). The difficult part was that the dark chocolate discs melt while baking, so some of the scoops were larger due to the size of the discs. When the scooping was done I ended up getting around twenty from the batch!!

The end result was delicious and although Molly's fiancee enjoyed his with a nice glass of milk...Molly, Erin and I enjoyed our dark chocolate cookies with some red wine.

If this is what mud taste like...I can't wait for spring weather :)