Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Sweet and Savory Chicken Maple Sammies

I love watching the food network, although I must admit I don't attempt many of the recipes because they tend to leave my mind after the program ends. One of the cooks I love watching though is Rachael Ray. She just has a way with flavors that appeal to everyone and uses so many everyday items that are easy to find. Her cookbooks are also pretty intense, offering so many different varieties of the same recipe and uses for their leftovers as well. A cook after my own heart, or shoud I say I after hers!

This "breakfast for dinner" recipe that I tried was made for erin and I once and we absolutely loved it. It was fairly simple to make and the ingredients were easy to manipulate to create a more calorie friendly rendition. As I quickly mentioned you could categorize this menu as breakfast, although I must say it was a fine filler for dinner.

These are Rachael Ray's Apple-Maple Sausage Sammies. Erin and I were having dinner with another couple and seeing how this dish serves four we thought a perfect time to attempt these ourselves. To start I will let you know that I did not use the veggie oil, instead opting to cook these on a non-stick griddle. I also subbed sugar free maple syrup for the real stuff, although alot of people argue that real stuff is not bad in moderation (I agree). We didn't have cheddar cheese, and erin's not a huge fan anyway, so I used our always on hand fat-free sliced American and Egg whites were a great sub for the whole eggs. We didn't really need to add milk to that mixture either but kept the salt and pepper. As you can see the patties are rather large and I had picked up the 100 calorie english muffins. I thought they worked out fine, but you could totally go with the sandwich sized muffin as suggested! The seasonings were a great addition and I used generic steak seasoning for the McCormick's mentioned and doubled the nutmeg.
Now, as I was mixing the patties (like you would meatballs) they seemed rather wet and I was a bit worried I had overdone it on the syrup. However once they sat on the grill for a few minutes they came together nicely. Another thing to watch is the english muffins in the broiler because they toast up quicker than I had expected (erin alerted me of this just in time!).
They were a hit! We had them with a side of roasted red potatoes and the sweetness of the sausage with the saltyness of the potatoes were a great combo. Erin's rating for this one was an 8.9 and our dinner guest (who aren't huge fans of sausage) loved them as well.
I think breakfast for dinner just got better!!