Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Oatmeal Options

The past few mornings in Boston have been dreary and damp...and i have to say I love it. I love the rainy weather every once and awhile because it gives me an excuse to throw on pj's the minute I get home and veg on the couch (not that I need an excuse). One thing I look forward to rain or shine is my breakfast at work. Few of us enjoy mornings at work, but i use my breakfast as a marker for the morning almost being over! I normally eat between 10-11 (depends on the work load) because I have already had a cup of coffee and some dry cereal before the gym in the morning.

I always, seriously always, have oatmeal at work. This started back when my weight lose quest began. Oatmeal was low in WW points and really left me feeling full until lunch time. It morphed into a love. There are so many ways to have oatmeal that its almost impossible to get bored. Even tooling around the food blogs I see that alot of people share my love and creativity for their oatmeal. You can have instant or old fashion (i prefer the latter), use water or milk (i use water), add just about anything in and enjoy!

In looking around I found that some of the most common add-ins include:

-peanut butter
-maple syrup
-and on and on and on

I started having oatmeal plain, then moved on to adding banana and often times a small spoonful of peanut butter. Depending on the season I switch up the fruit and sometimes add some Fiber One for crunch (i actually did that this morning).

Honestly I never get sick of it.

Bring on the rain, and bring on the oatmeal!

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Meg said...

Oatmeal is my favorite food. I eat it every day, sometimes twice a day. Here is an oatmeal post I wrote recently: http://megansmunchies.blogspot.com/2008/08/oatmeal-with-twist.html