Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Wheatberries ARE wonderful!

I finally found them...in STOP N SHOP. I have been looking in all the fun grocery stores that I frequent constantly, when i should have looked right under my nose in stop n shop! As many of your bloggers know oatmeal is pretty much a food group for many of us. So many different mix-ins, ways of cooking, types of oatmeal are used in the numerous post i read. One of the mix-ins that I have been dying to try is wheat berries.

Here are some fun facts about Wheat berries! They are also very easy to cook, yet take a little time so keep that in mind. I just used the directions on the back of the bag to cook mine, but you can also find them here: cooking and storing. Many people tend to follow the advice of cooking in large batches and freezing due to the fact that the cooking time if over an hour. Well worth it!

Here are my berries ready to boil up!

I did in fact only cook mine for the allotted time because I tend to like my grains al dente.(they look a bit like popcorn kernels...maybe that's why i love them :) These were so chewy and had such an amazing texture that my mind began to wander toward all the different ways you could use them...first up...OATMEAL. Yes!!!! so delish and chewy, and they are a great source of protein. Next up...i'm thinking a grain salad perhaps! Also this could be a great substitute for brown rice in a dish.

It's official. i'm a fan!