Friday, May 1, 2009

San Fran Sushi

Our last day in California started out much like the rest...i went for a run (taking in the beautiful scenery one last time) and by the time i got back erin had plotted out the day! We had purposely booked an overnight flight so we would get another full day of vacation. Going into the trip we didn't know if we would be wined out by the time this day rolled around, or if we would want to squeeze in a couple more wineries...we went with the latter! The two wineries we hit up were right near downtown Sonoma, and only a few miles apart so it was a good last day! We went to a really laid back breakfast spot to sip on a great latte and plan our day. (the latte was grrrreat!)

We decided to stop one last time at the Sonoma Cheese Factory to load up with supplies so that we could picinc at the SF bridge (more to come). Next we headed up the hill to Ravenswood. I actually drink Ravenswood Zin so I was excited to see all the different vintages and wines they offered. We even got a complimentary glass for this tasting. Then we moved onto one of erin's favorite Gundlach Bundschu! (picture does not do it justice) She had done some reading about this one and really wanted to try it. She actually had her favorite wine of the trip here (we purchases a red and white!!). What a great way to end our tasting extravaganza. They are also known for their picnic spots so we hiked up a little hill to take in Sonoma one last time...

Then we were on our way to San Fransisco. We decided ahead of time to stop before crossing the bridge to have a picnic and take in the view. We drove up a very steep and winding road, but the views did not disappoint:

Our original plan was to picnic outside...however the wind won that war and we were happy to eat in our nice warm rental car!

We had plans to meet up with some friends that live in SF but we had some time to kill so we thought we would do the touristy thing and visit Pier 39. Of course we saw Alcatraz from afar and took in the sea lion's bathing in the sun. I have to say after living in NYC for eight years it reminded me alot of the South Street Seaport. I didn't care for the hustle and bustle, but I think I was spoiled by the calmness of wine country.
We drove around a bit and Erin forced me to drive down Lombard Street! When they say crooked they aren't kidding!!!! (the sun was not helpful in erin's photo ops up hill)
Finally I got to have my west coast sushi! Our friends had picked this cute sushi place that was suppose to be really good...but they were all booked up when we arrived (on a thursday night!). So we walked a few blocks and stumbled upon Yuzu. They actually had a great Happy Hour special (which erin and I miss living in MA's against the law!). The specialty cocktails were only $4 and they offered their apps. list at a discount as well. We all shared some of those while we drooled over their amazing menu! Of course I can't remember which rolls we shared, and they aren't listed on their site...but they were unbelievable. Can't you just see how happy we all are?!!
After this it was off to the airport. This is where the pictures stopped and reality began...okay that was dramatic :). We were just so exhausted at this point and so happy with our vacation. The overnight flight was a nice way to get back to east coast time and we couldn't wait to get our hands/taste buds on all our new wine!! (WARNING: many wine tasting posts in the future)