Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Cinco de Drinko

In honor of Cinco de Mayo we of course had to celebrate with one of our favorite repeat dishes, shrimp fajitas...YUM. They were delectable as always! I wasn't sure if there was anything blog worthy of this night and then I thought I can't believe that i haven't talked about one of my favorite adult beverages...margaritas!
I am a tequila lover. cheap, expensive, i can pretty much throw it back with the best of them. With that said ordering a Margarita at a bar typically means getting tequila, sweet mix (this has such a wide range even though most menus read "fresh lime juice" right...), frozen or rocks. I NEVER order a margarita at a restaurant anymore. Honestly the few times I have tried...erin gets an extra drink. Instead I order: tequila on the rocks with a splash of couintreau and a bunch of fresh limes for squeezing. Sip away! With that said that's a pretty potent drink and I acknowledge sometimes (and some people) you need a healthy substitute for something that is closer to your "normal" margarita.

Back when I discovered HG they sent out emails not only about food, but cocktails as well. The margarita seemed worth a try and with my love of tequila i thought...what is there to lose?! Ironically, three years later, I received another email about their drinks and HG says that the Low-Cal Margarita is the most viewed cocktail ever!!

Erin is in charge of this one! She was always the bartender at our gatherings so I gave her free range with this one. She did not disappoint! There are so many changes she makes and she can either do a whole pitcher of these bad boys or a single serving (for school nights :). As you can see in the link you can also changed up the flavors by using alternative diet/sugar free mixins...really, how can you go wrong with Tequila?!

Happy Cinco de Drinko (that's what it should be called come on!)