Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Mollydooker party at Molly's!

As promised in my last wine country post i will be blogging about our many wine opening/tastings. perhaps i should change my blog name to "finding my inner foodie with a buzz"...hmmmm...that would make my parents proud :).
This "wine tasting" was actually with our friends Molly and Nick and although we sampled some of their Napa Wine (they joined Mumm while on their honeymoon last year!) We also opened our first California wine this night. We have been itching to get together and drink all our MollyDooker wines! (they were all Shiraz) and erin isn't a big red she choose to open our first Imagery wine: it was a White Burgundy. I was jealous at first because this was one of my favorite whites on the trip. BUT since we are members of this wine club we actually received a bottle in the mail. So we had duplicates. Oh, and I may have taken a few sips from erin as well....

Nick had looked up what food goes well with Shiraz and luckily for us it was Mexican! This was as close as he would come to posing for the food blog :). (he's cooking up the chicken fajitas and shrimp for me!).

Of course I wanted to contribute something and I decided on this fresh "Mexican flavored" veggie Salad.

-fresh green beans (steamed)
-bag of frozen corn (defrosted)
-small purple onion
-pint of grape tomatoes
-small avocado
-lime juice
-cumin (a few shakes)
-diced cilantro
-Tbl. of Olive Oil
I literally just diced everything up and combined. I seasoned with Mexican spices (cumin, fresh cilantro, chili, s+P). It tasted light and fresh! The avocado paired with the lime juice and oil created a light creamy texture. Molly and I agreed that perhaps it needed just a bit more lime juice, but all in all it was a success!

Nick and Molly introduced us to this wine and I instantly LOVED it. I then recommended it to the owner of the restaurant I work at and he liked it as well. As a thank you he gave me two bottles of Mollydooker Shiraz (a 2006 and the other was their Blue Eyed Boy release). Molly and Nick contributed their 2005 Shiraz. We officially had a tasting :). We didn't end up opening our 2006 Shiraz, but instead did a tasting with the Blue Eyed Boy and the 2005. Molly and Nick didn't want the Shiraz to sit much longer. They were amazing as expected!

We've all learned alot about tasting on our respective wine trips, so it was fun to put our knowledge to use. We could really tell the difference between the 2005 and the Blue Eyed Boy. The Blue Eyed Boy was actually a bit more surupy (as Nick put it) then the 2005. I loved them both and went back and forth between my favorite. We also tested each other's palates by doing a blind tasting and having to pick the correct Shiraz...
I actually got it right! Erin did too...after a few tries haha. Hey, she drank that white all alone so her palate was, off :).

Since we didn't break into the 2006 Shiraz we have an excuse to have yet another Mollydooker Molly's. that was too easy!