Monday, August 31, 2009

Operation Cod (not the fish)

On a recent trip to cape cod with our friends terra and scott we rented a great little cottage on a cove and set out for some fun in the sun....Fun we found, sun not so much. But that didn't stop us from having another great food weekend!

After some interesting kayaking and canoeing (lets just say erin was a great captain with a not so helpful, hungry crew (me) she wanted to get some snacks into me right away! All we had to say was the word and Terra and Scott whipped out some tasty dips that they had made from Real Simple! There were four different options:

Spicy Black Bean and avocado (with jalapenos from their garden)!
Corn, Cucumber and Goat Cheese (you cannot go wrong with goat cheese)
Asian Shrimp (so light and delicious)
and a mix of the leftovers!!!

all served with tostidos! HOLY YUM. these were delectable. Each had their own flavors and were so fresh tasting! Erin and I were very impressed and I can't wait to make these for our next party!!

After the angry hunger had been taken care of we moved on to dinner plans. Since we were on the cape we wanted to take advantage of the fresh seafood...we all decided to make our own fish tacos!
Quick trip to the store we came back with:
-cod fish
-mango salsa (newman's own!)
-salsa verde
-red cabbage

We decided to marinate the fish in: garlic, cilantro and lime juice and Terra suggested that we also make our own fruit salsa for a garnish. We combined fresh mango, avocado and cilantro and let all the flavors come together in the fridge as the fish marinated. Scott did a great job of grilling it up and taco making commenced.
I had mine with some crunchy red cabbage, homemade mango salsa and a bit of salsa verde for spice. the textures and flavors were great! we also enjoyed some great wine that Scott brought from a winery that Erin and I actually got to visit on our trip to CA: Darioush.
good friends, good wine, good food.