Monday, August 10, 2009

Blueberry tart! and homemade goodness

I love being home. I love what i eat when I come home. Most of all I love cooking with both my mom and dad when I am home. growing up both my parents cooked and my mom can certainly bake with the best of them. While planning meals for the masses we opted to throw in a few deserts along the way. As we all know blueberries are ridiculously amazing in the summer time (both in price AND taste) and my mom makes homemade blueberry squares that are simply They are basically homemade cake with fresh blueberries tossed in.

Bringing my own style to the kitchen I wanted to try Eatingwell's Blueberry Tart with Walnut Crust!

Tart's have always somewhat intimidated me but with my mom's help I figured i couldn't go wrong. As I began to read the recipe i realized just how easy this seemed. I had all the necessary ingredients and I set to work!
I did not have a "tart pan", but a pie pan worked perfectly fine. In fact this was...easy as pie!
Super super simple and delicious I might add! The blueberries were a perfect pairing with the creamy filling and the drizzle of fresh maple syrup on the top added the perfect amount of sweetness to the dish. YUM!

Alongside both the dishes we wanted to make fresh ice cream with their ice cream maker (fancy right?!) why not try the low fat version as well? um....not so great. The picture looks good and this is in face what the real ice cream turned out to look like as well. But the taste...not so much. Honestly it tasted like cold, frozen, plain yogurt...hmmm. My sister did say that this could be tasty as a breakfast with some fruit or granola! I definitely agree, just not sweet enough to satisfy a desert craving.

I think everyone tried a bit of each...except my picking eater of a brother who just tried...MINE. and he loved it! Thanks Will for the vote of confidence :). I will make you dessert anytime!