Monday, August 10, 2009


Anything but mediocre...that's what sums up my eats in good old Watertown! typically we tend to cook alot and eat alot of snacks when we visit my parents...but this time around we had quite a bit of visiting and eating out to do! Not that I am complaining in the least :).

So I thought I would take the time to highlight some of my favorite eats/spots in Watertown.
I should start by mentioning that my Dad is a big golfer so in the summertime he spends quite a bit of time at the local Watertown Golf Club! Instead of fighting him on it we decided to join him for dinner post golf game. We may or may not have gotten there early to partake in some pre-dinner cocktails!

Also important to note that we don't typically eat at the golf club because...well we weren't that impressed with the food. UNTIL of erin's (and my) favorite people in Watertown is now the chef at Watertown Country Club and boy oh boy can you tell. David Boucher (gotta give him a name shout out) does an amazing job with the food. You know the restaurant is good when even the side salad before dinner is impressive. His amazing wife, Alice Jean, makes all of the deserts...and of course we took advantage of that as well. Let's just say...the picture does not do his cooking justice!
Another tradition when visiting Watertown is having breakfast at a local favorite and past employer of mine: Tin Pan Galley They have the most amazing breakfast ever and the line around the block on the weekends speaks for it's self. YUM. I always get the same thing: Eggs Rosalie , but this trip I decided to go with their Breakfast Wrap which is basically eggs rosalie in a wrap! So good. They offer about five different types of homemade toast, the home fries are crispy and fresh and they always have delicious fresh fruit too! We try to hit Tin Pan up during the week because the crowds are far more manageable! They are probably most famous for their stuffed french toast, and they always have amazing specials. Everything seems so gourmet...especially for breakfast! Foodies Paradise. They have a great patio and it has a beautiful stone bar and live music on Friday nights. Its pretty much perfect.
Finally after a week filled with eats and fun I have to mention this amazing Cake that my Uncle Danny made erin and I (and my dad) to congratulate us on our engagement. His cakes are incredible. The frosting is delicious (i think its almond flavored) and he always has the best decorations! I have a feeling he will be getting a call from the wedding planner (aka me) in the near future.
Thanks Uncle Dan!!