Tuesday, September 2, 2008

skinny cookies...skimpy taste

I have been adamant about reading food blogs lately because it really keeps me motivated to keep cooking, blogging and trying new recipes. With that in mind I was working from home the other day and came across Tina's blog entry for Skinny Cookies! Now how could I pass up an amazing tasting cookie with hardly any fat?! Since I was working from home it was easy to take a thirty minute break and attempt...they seemed easy enough!

So she calls for a pureed peach in the mix, which I didn't have, so I opted for applesauce (someone had commented that it would probably be the same basic ingredient...it's a pureed fruit). Also, and I think this was the downfall, but I was all out of normal sugar...so I had to use Splenda. Now I know most people have strong feelings about this one way or another...but baking splenda (which I used) is suppose to have the EXACT same effect on recipes as sugar. I also added a little bit of oats because i just love them so much....

Mine did not turn out as expected. The first indication that they were "different" was the fact that unlike Tina's cookies mine didn't expand outward but more upward. They were thicker than her picture and cooked a bit faster too. So when my taste tester came home (erin)and I made her try them she said she liked them (not love though)! Her mom and dad also thought they were good. Me, not so much. It's not that they tasted bad...just seemed to lack taste to me. They had a cake like consistency and just didn't seem to be quite delish enough.

back to the baking board...