Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Parents Sam Adams beer

So when the parents come the beer flows...moving on to our 5th tasting!We had saved these tasting for when my mom was here because she is a huge fan of stout beers. I love to taste them but they end up being rather filling if I have a whole one myself! It hard for me when the seasonal beers come around because in the winter they tend to be among the lager and stout family...i can't resist some of my favorites though.

Erin and I had meant a Sam Adams rep a few weeks back, befriended him, and got some samples in the process (we have this on going thing with our friends that we tend to meet new and interesting people every time we go out!).

I was most looking forward to tasting Sample A: Blackberry Whitber. It did not disappoint, it was delish! I could really taste the flavor of the Blackberries and it was smooth and fruity! My mom jumped on the chance to review Sample B: Coffee Stout (our new friend also mentioned that Sam Adams might be releasing this one due to raving reviews). We all took sips as well. Let me say that I am a huge coffee/espresso fan and this was amazing. It definitely was a stout, so on the heavier side, but the flavors made it really enjoyable.

In conclusion, simply stated: Sam Adams is amazing. Both flavors were enjoyable and interesting. I look forward to their sample packs every winter and I love trying all their various options. These flavors were both strong, without being to over powering to the beer. Honestly I would have drank a full one of either of these flavors.

My mom really enjoyed helping us finish up our Autumn brew tasting...but I think she is even more excited to help with the Holiday ales...STAY TUNED and happy beer tasting.