Monday, November 24, 2008

Poppin Open a Pomegranate

work pants beware...because when those seeds land they stain!

There is a ton of information out there about how healthy Pomegranates are for you! Whether it be the seeds or the juice they tend to pack a punch when it comes to nutrition. Now of course it would be easy to just buy Pom juice and drink or add to Soda water for a refreshing cocktail...but then what would there be to blog about!

One of my favorite things to do when i go to the grocery store is see what produce is on it's final leg and pick it up...I happened to find two pomegranates just waiting to be seeded on the Johnny Cart (this is the cart located in the produce section that normally has reduced, on it's last leg, produce. I call it the Johnny cart after erin's late uncle who used to Love doing his shopping there!).

I had learned from a friend of mine that when you open the Pom you just have to pull out the seeds. easier said than done! It can be quite messy and that juice stains. Just a disclaimer for those of you wanting to try it.

I sucessfully deseeded two pom's using the "traditional method" show on that link, but perhaps the other ones would be worth a try as well. I also recalled that the Foodie Blogroll was holding a contest for the most creative/tasty recipe incorporating Pomegranates...but i think the deseeding was enough work for one day.

Now I have a bowl of seeds with no where to go...except in my mouth. YUM.
(oh and by the way you can eat the whole seed, crunchy inside and all!)


RunToFinish said...

I was wondering how to actually work a pomegrante on my own..I always buy seeds.

kate said...

It was alot of fun, but alot of work...seriously...DO NOT WEAR WHITE :). i would approach it like you are painting a room, or dyeing your hair! Maybe we should have all "food" shirts, you know shirts one wears when preparing food that stains! haha.
Thanks for stopping by the blog!!