Sunday, November 23, 2008

Pumpkin Bread...just the beginning of Thanksgiving Cooking

If you can recall that Pumpkin puree I made last post (that I froze for future use)...I decided instead of adding it to oatmeal every morning (which is also a great option) that I wanted to try to use it in as many recipes as I could this Thanksgiving season. I mean hey, it was a large Pumpkin!
Sure enough, as I assumed, the blogs and emails were full of uses for Pumpkins. Most of them were the typical pie recipes, breads, etc. My old stand by hungry girl promised a bread recipe that can't be beat. I'll give it a try!

As usual with HG recipes I already had the ingredients on hand. Here's the link for HG's Cranberry Pumpkin Bread! One of the things I love about HG is that she shows you how much you are actually saving yourself in calories and fat when you change up a recipe. Again, as usual, I realized mid way through prep that i couldn't find my bread pans anywhere! Now I know that i had them when we moved...but they must have gotten lost in transition :(. thankfully they tell you how to make this delightful dish into muffins! I also didn't have any cranberries and since erin isn't a huge fan of raisins i just decided to omit that ingredient altogether.

I thought they came out great, very similar to my pumpkin cookies that I make! The recipe says that it serves 8, but i was able to scoop out 18 muffins!! Which only means the servings were even lower in WW points! After taking these things out of the pan erin and i both agreed that they were the perfect size AND you don't feel guilty if you want to have 2!! They don't rise much in the oven so keep that in mind when you are portioning your pan out.

**ADDENDUM a few days later because erin and i are attending a book club tonight and many of the ladies attending are WW followers such as myself! I wanted to bring something festive to the party and thought that making the bread would be perfect. I had just finished my Thanksgiving shopping so I now had disposable bread pans and I had picked up a package of dried cranberries as well. The mix looked so festive and yummy I thought it called for a picture! As noted in the recipe this took a solid 55 mins of baking. Although I wanted to save it for the party i couldn't let the loaf leave without a tiny sample...what if it was awful...:)
Never fear hungry girl delivered again.
AND I must say I think the cranberries really added a great element, I don't think I would omit them again!

Now lets hope the ladies of book club will feel the same way.