Thursday, March 19, 2009

Ms. MixALot

Unreal. That is how i would like to start this posting regarding the folks over at MixMyGranola! I have been seeing their company/product all over the food blog world. Tons of giveaways and talk about how great it is to be able to mix your own granola. I couldn't pass up the opportunity to try it out. I emailed them right away requesting an opportunity to get their product and review and they were more than happy to oblige. How great is that?!?! In this economy I think it really shows a strong customer care when a company is willing to let their products be reviewed will no strings attached!

I quickly clicked over to their site and began my mix!

The first step is picking your granola base (they have four options). I went for 100% Organic Muesli
this includes organic raisins, walnuts, dates and almonds. You can also click on all the options to see their nutritional value.

Then you move on to ingredients.(the fun, yet difficult part!) The list starts with numerous dried fruits, next catagory is nuts and seeds and finally extras (this includes unique items from gummy bears to chocolate espresso beans :)! They mentioned that each amount give you an oz. but if you want more than that just click the add in more than once.
Super Simple!

After reading just about everything...My mix included:
-dried strawberries
-Goji Berries (the new thing they say !)
-Organic Flax seeds
-honey smacks
I didn't want to add alot because the muesli already had items in it as well.

Honestly the possibilities are endless. Its so tough to make decisions. I didn't want to add alot of extras not knowing how everything would taste together, but if you are a granola fan you could really go CRAZY here! The add-ins range in price but are really affordable.

Lastly you get to name your mix. how cool! I called mine "kate's kornucopia". I'm sure if erin had been around i would have been a bit more clever but i was in a hurry to get it ordered and shipped. (oh and shipping was free!).

The mix comes in this cool tube and it is rather large! They also list all the nutritional information on the tube so you know exactly what you are eating. I added some on fruit right away. yum. then some on my oatmeal. yum. and also i have been sampling right out of the tube. also yum.

I would HIGHLY recommend this site. Often times the boxed granola is high in sugar, or contains an ingredient that you pick around...or just doesn't have enough things in it. With this site you customize to your own liking and the price is reasonable. I think we all need to support more business that cater to us health minded customers. I will definitely be a return mixer!

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DomestiKatie. said...

I got a sample, too!!! I just made a "Happily Ever After" mix that is much much less healthy than yours, hahaha.
I can't wait to try it!