Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Chinese take-out...made in!

I love the little town that I call home...but it is rather little. and with that comes limited options for take out food (which is sometimes a good thing!) Our choice is typically Chinese food which is fine by me because you can either splurge or go with the steamed options. Either way you are still getting take out...even if its a fake out. So the other night erin and i were craving some Chinese food. We dialed up our trusty neighborhood place and to our horror they notified us they were not delivering that night. WHAT??????????

In order to make sure that never occurred again I decided to finally try a recipe I had bookmarked awhile ago for Moo Shu Vegetables. I had turned erin on to Moo Shu awhile back so I knew that she would be game. Of course you can always choose to add a meat of choice to this dish.

I did have a few items to purchase for this one because most of the ingredients are fresh! (fresh ginger, bag of shredded veggies, bean sprouts, scallions and hosin sauce) The most expensive (hosin sauce) will last me awhile though, so it will definitely pay for it's self. I already had the rice vinegar from a previous recipe, and most Asian recipes I stumble upon call for these sauces!
The directions are super simple and direct. and since it calls for pre-shredded veggies the most prep I had to do was chop the ginger/garlic and scallions. We were ready for dinner in less than fifteen mins.
The veggies themselves are fairly low in calories so I would pair this with brown rice, tortillas or throw some meat in there!

Sadly my camera ate the picture of the final product just about as fast as we did. It was delicious. It had the same flavors as take out minus the oil aftertaste! The fresh ginger really complimented everything. YUM.

Try it now. put down that phone.