Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Engagement Party Extravaganza!

The celebration just keeps on coming!! erin and I were lucky enough to celebrate our engagement with a great group of friends and family this past weekend! Our friend Emily offered up her great apartment and our friend Molly certainly provided just about everything else!
We had quite a turn out of food, friends and fun!

Since this is primary a food blog, let's start with the food...brought by friends.
Erin's mom brought the cake and it was incredible!! as you can see she had the decorated draw a tree, with a swing on it to show where we got engaged. perfect.

Molly also contributed to the desert by bringing her amazing sugar cookies decorated simply with homemade white frosting. YUM.

I had requested some of Molly's past goodies including: fig and goat cheese bruschetta (this was by far my favorite dish of the night...my families too) and chipotle black bean dip! My future Sister in law Kara brought a buffalo moz. bruschetta and turkey cauliflower meatballs (both a huge hit!). Emily made some tasty Sangria!, a spin-artichoke dip (always a winner) and a great veggie platter! Erin's cousin Jayda brought beer bread with a dip (also one of my favorites).

To round out the spread I decided to bring: Shrimp Cocktail, a lovely cheese platter with a homemade fig-mango cherry jam (made by the chef at my restaurant!), homemade Hummus, Nectarine and Mozzarella Skewers with Pesto,(used my homemade pesto sauce and my Dad threw these together) and a fresh fruit platter with a Kahlua/cool whip dip.

Check out this spread:

Seriously...there was barely room on the table for all this food!
We were so blown away by all the support and love we got...my heart was bursting with happiness and my stomach was pretty full too!