Friday, September 18, 2009

Move in Madness

Our friends Nick and Molly just bought their first house and we couldn't be more excited for them!! It's amazing and Molly finally has a big kitchen to use all of her wedding swag in and her limitless knowledge of baking and recipes (her mom works for King Arthur Flour, so it's practically in her blood ;).

We headed to their house for their first, of many, weekend get together's. Of course it was filled with food and fun! Despite the fact that they just moved in, Molly made a great spread for us to enjoy AND they had picked up not only Sam Adams Oktoberfest, but Shipyard Pumpkin! (my favorite).

These are some of her homemade sugar cookies with homemade frosting decorated as fall leaves, squirrels and acorns! These tasted as good as they looked.
She also wowed the crowed with a great dip from Cooking Light: black-bean chipotle dip that she served up with chips/celery and carrot sticks. This was a crowd pleaser and as you will see soon was also a must have at our engagement party!! She has the best platters for these things (that she again completely supplied for the engagement party spread). There were other delicious snacks throughout the weekend and of course I wanted to contribute something...So I came up with breakfast for the next morning.

It was a perfect recipe to do for a group and travelling because I was able to prep the night before and just throw it in the oven when I went for a run the next morning! I took advantage of Molly's great kitchen and prepped there, but this is totally something you could take with you if you were staying over at someones house!

I combined all the dry ingredients above(minus the raisins..erin's not a fan). I used a low-cal bread to save some calories but you could use a variety of breads to make it heartier as well! I also think that raisins would have added a little texture, but any dried fruit would do. I failed to save enough crust less pieces of bread to cover the top completely...but we made it work! and it was yummy with real maple syrupy. I don't think that Nick and Molly knew they would be opening a cooking school when they bought their new house...but they know me well so I don't think it will be a big shocker :).