Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Apple of My Eye

Autumn is in full force up here in New England and sticking with the Fall theme I decided to try HG's Apple Cobbler again. If you are a frequent reader (um...hi Dad!) then you may recall me trying this dish last year to mixed reviews...take one.

I loved it, but in a "this is a healthy desert" way. And if I recall erin stuck with Halloween candy at this point, so I didn't have super high hopes. But hey, apples/oats and fiber one...sign me up!

As noted before you also get a HUGE portion of apple crisp for not alot of calories, which is always a plus.

Apples peeled (I used mac's even though the recipe calls for sweet...i like my apples tart!)

Crumble prepped (oats added)
and into the oven it went! 10 mins later...warm appleness was delivered. topped with whipped cream.
Now as mentioned I was highly prepared to have leftovers for myself because this is just not an erin desert...
BUT, she LOVED it! I don't know what it was this year but she said it was really really good!
We recently stumbled across the highly loved Edy's Pumpkin Ice Cream and I dare say it would be an unstoppable desert!

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