Monday, October 12, 2009

Supporting local Farms, and local apples

On our MUST DO list for New England Fall activities we can now cross off Apple Picking. Not only do I enjoy apples year round, but when I get the chance to pick them in heaven.

This year, while researching where we should pick, I was overwhelmed with all the choices. erin and i probably have at least five orchards within a five mile radius of our apartment...probably more than that! We both decided that we wanted to pick one that was a bit off the beaten path, a little less crowded, and definitely local! After all the hemming and hawing we literally just drove around until we found a cute sign pointing us up a steep hill. There we found Nicewicz Family Farm.

It was definitely local with a great little farm stand out front, pumpkins, and of course a tractor for erin's photo pleasure!
We paid for our big bag and made our way across the street to trees! We passed some great pear trees on the way and finally found my favorites: Cortland, Macs and Macons! The owner steered us in the right directions and ordered us to make sure we sampled the goods while picking. we obeyed!!

I sure made use of every inch of our bag.

Erin made use of our new camera:
stay tuned for apple recipes galore...