Monday, October 5, 2009

Pumpkin cookies, pumpkin pancakes, pumpkin burgers

Tis the season for Pumpkin recipes and as I thought about my late eats I opted to combine by food group...this one we shall call Pumpkin!
I love fall and I love all the cooking that comes with it. I love squash (all types), apples, cider, soups....and on and on. Harvest time brings out so many new foods to cook with that it doesn't make me miss the heat at all! Well maybe sometimes.

I will start with my latest batch of Pumpkin cookies! I stumbled upon this recipe last year and it is so healthy, yet delicious that I knew it would be making more appearances. These are Eating Well's Pumpkin Cookies. The ingredients are quite simple and so is the execution. I used applesauce in lieu of the oil (didn't have any).

Combine the dry, combine the wet. Then put them together:

and stir. They are great little treats to try and quite spicy in flavor...meaning allspice, nutmeg
and cinnamon Oh MY!

I couldn't wait to share these with our friends Scott and Terra! But what they shared with us was rather amazing as well!I apparently am not alone in my love of cooking with pumpkins as erin and I so happily discovered on our latest trip to Peekskill! Our friends terra and scott had an amazing recipe in mind for breakfast one morning:
These were incredible!! I really can't blog about how they were made because I went for a run and when i returned the house smelled of pancakes, pumpkin and warm apples...I couldn't wait to try these!
(um...yes that is a fresh piece of apple in the pumpkin pancake. heaven)
As I was eating them I exclaimed: "It's like fall in my mouth"!! Thanks Terra...YUM
Of course with desert and breakfast I had to include a great "pumpkin themed dinner". Again these are a repeat as erin and I are both huge fans. SOUTHWESTERN PUMPKIN BURGERS!
I made these last fall and the fall before and frankly they are a must try. I don't think you would even know there is pumpkin in the recipe by taste, so it's perfect to make even if someone is not a pumpkin fan! The southwestern flavors (hello cumin) really pair nicely with the pumpkin and the corn(the corn is erin's favorite part).
Sadly...the camera enjoyed the burgers just as much as we did.
To add to that we finally have a NEW camera who I'm told is not a big eater. We took it apple picking this weekend and it didn't eat a single one!