Wednesday, January 2, 2008

First Course

I think everyone is a foodie deep down. I don't think you have to be a good cook, enjoy fancy meals or even know every food group to be a foodie. I just think you need to love food. Not just like it. Not just utilize it for nutrition. But really love it. I love it. I've spent the past two years breaking up with the food I used to love and taking my space with new foods. I tried alot of variety and in the end even made my way back to some of my old stand bys. Although there were some foods that I just could not, would not ever escape. I also started to try my hat at cooking.

I wanted to start a blog where I could document the recipes that I use and the foods that I try. I know that some would say, "why not keep a recipe book?". Well of course I have one of those. But I have to have something productive to do with my time and this is my current passion.

To be fair I should state my objective: To create and try foods that will be delicious and nutritious. (The addendum to this would be that sometimes it doesn't HAVE to be nutritious, but for the most part that just adds to the allure. Also to be fair nutrition to me stands for: low fat, low calorie, won't make me gain back any of the weight I have worked so hard to discard!)

I hope to not only post recipes but also my own struggles with finding that balance.

Happy healthy cooking and happy eating!