Monday, October 6, 2008

Apple picking, autumn harvest and the first apple pie

Since October is such a short month i have already booked every weekend to maximize all that New England has to offer in the fall! I am sure you can you tell that I love apples?!! So Erin found this amazing apple picking farm call Honey Pot Orchards. It was a "must visit" on our To Do list for October. It was such a nice brisk fall day, sun shining and perfect for some apple picking fun. This farm also had homemade cider donuts, cider, pumpkin patches, animals (erin's favorite feature), hedge maze (that was actually quite tricky) and apple picking! We concluded our day picking apples because we knew that we wouldn't want to truck that bag around the farm. I also picked up some squash varieties to use later on in cooking.(i love squash as much as I love apples).
As soon as we got home I quickly took a little photo of our autumn harvest buys:
Those apples of course just represent two of the many in our bag!

Although I am known to cook healthy and substitute all fat out of my recipes, there are some that I just don't think I could bring myself to change...i.e. my mom's Apple Pie. Now I call it my mom's because growing up she is the one person who always made the apple pie at any function that called for it! Her pie crust is famous in my family...I kid you not! My mom can do alot of things well, and this is just one more on the list. This is one of the recipes, for whatever reason, that my mom and I now make together. I must say though I have yet to put out a crust that I think even comes close to looks and taste! She literally makes pies that should be shown in a magazine...mine...well you will see below :)!

Although I will always consider it my mom's recipe, some may also call it Betty Crockers Recipe. Whatever. I don't really have to follow the book anymore I pretty much know how its done. I went to work peeling, slicing, cinnamon and sugaring the apples...then the difficult crust. It always starts out so promising, and everyone has their own tricks they use, but it just seems I can't quite get it right. The dough always seems to split, or stick to the counter if I don't use enough flour. Ah my mom says it taste the same going down!

One pointer that she sticks to is to try and not restart rolling alot. The more you handle it the easier it is to start crumbling or splitting.

Here's mine from pre-bake to cooked: (marked with an E for...erin of course!)

Do you like my piece it together edge there?

Now for one pointer of my own (also given to me by my mother :) If you can't do the fun wavy crust like the pros then you can cover the edge of your pie with tin foil until about 10-15 mins. are left to cook. That way the thinnest part of the crust doesn't burn and it all stays golden brown.

It was good going matter what it looked like.