Monday, October 20, 2008

Third Round of Pumpkin beer tasting...

So for our third pumpkin beer tasting (1st-Shipyard Pumpkin, 2nd-Smuttynose Pumpkin) we decided to try DogFish Pumpkin Ale. I have been wanting to try Pumking (brewed by Southern Tier Brewing Company,) for the longest time because I have heard great things about it...sadly our local amazing liquor store is always out!! (I guess that just proves how amazing it is).
There are so many seasonal/pumpkin beers to choose from that i assume not all of them are as tasty as the rest. One of our trips to the store a gentlemen felt highly compelled to let us know that DogFish Pumpkin was "the best pumpkin beer out there". We were familiar with this one as I often saw it in NYC on trips to WholeFoods. It comes in a four-pack and typically runs the same price as six-packs...hence why we normally skipped over that selection. Needless to say after attempting to find Pumking again, and failing, we opted to try the DogFish. (the picture is quite literal to that sentance!) I wasn't a huge fan (although obviously in the picture I am fine taking a big gulp :). It was good, and definitely had spice in it, but more of a fall spice than a pumpkin flavor. Erin agreed. She liked it as well but thought it was a bit "heavier" than some of the previous tries.

We drink our fair share of beer and always love to try new ones! I also believe "to each his own". what may taste like pumpkin to me may taste like fall foliage to erin...who knows.
Honestly...keep your fingers crossed we get to try pumking soon! Even BeerAdvocate rated it #1 pumpkin beer, who can argue with a beer advocate? :)