Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Oh My, Healthy Apple...Cobbler

So, I love apples. i love apple crisp.i love hungry girl. i love fiber one. So, after getting the recipe for HG Apple Cobbler. (And after going apple picking and needing a few ideas to use up those apples) I dove right into trying out this yummy sounding desert. The email challenged anyone who normally didn't like Fiber One to try out this recipe and ensured a change of heart. Since I already heart Fiber One I thought this was a no lose trial!

I think part of the reason I so love apple cobbler is the topping, because it's always so oaty and crunchy and just delicious. I quickly noticed that there was not any oats in this recipe so of course I threw some in on my own! I will say that the serving size was quite large (a 1/4 of that pan!) and there was alot of topping to go around...however the consistancy of the crumble didn't totally impress me :(. I liked the flavor (very healthy as erin would put it), but it just wasn't the same crunchy, oaty goodness that I come to expect from Apple Crisp.

All in all I must say that its a great swap if you are looking to have a really really large portion of desert and keep it super low cal/low fat. I also put it with a bit of Fat free frozen yogurt the next night (i obviously liked it enough to have 2nds...) and that really spruced it up for me! I threw it in the microwave for 15 secs. and then put a few scoops of vanilla FF frozen yogurt on top, and mixed. That was really really tasty.

The 2nd round definitely made me rethink making it a 2nd time!