Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Pizza Pie and Pumpkin brew

Erin and I love to watch travel shows and the food network and often times the travel shows include food too! We were watching a show last night and Bon Appetit magazine was listing the best bar food in the country. One of the items that constantly made an appearance was of course Pizza! In my perusal of Trader Joe's I had come across 99cent whole wheat pizza dough, how can you beat that. Erin and I also have very different taste when it comes to pizza, so making our own personal pies is always a great option.

I have lofty ideas to make a goat cheese/fig pizza but I ended up just picking up a can of artichokes hearts (which erin and I both are HUGE fans of) and I knew I had some shallots that needed to be used up, and also some homemade pesto that was on its last leg. I opted to make a pesto/shallot and artichoke pizza with a sprinkle of Fat free Parmesan cheese and a few lone peppers. Erin decided to use up some monterey jack cheese/pesto and artichoke hearts on hers.

My oh my how homemade pizza fills a void in someone!
The pizza was delish! I think pizza can be such comfort food and can take on so many different forms depending on your taste.
Since the travel show was about bars we of course had to partake in our favorite fall beer as well! We live near an amazing package store (this is what they are called in MA because they don't sell beer in a grocery store like NY) and it offers so many local breweries and interesting beers. Erin and I have decided to try and taste all the pumpkin/fall beers and determine our favorites. The two we tried that night were Shipyard Pumpkin Ale and Smuttynose Pumpkin Ale. They were both great and different. I started with the Smuttynose but switched with erin for the Shipyard. I guess it depends on your mood. (erin said she was secretly hoping we would switch). I can't wait to go back and try some of the other ones as well.
Fall is here. Fall food is amazing...not to mention the fall beer. Get ready for some fun posts (if I can stay sober :)