Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Gourmet Chocolate Goat Cheese

Erin and I headed to Portsmouth, NH this weekend to visit our best friend Molly and got to hear all about her honeymoon to Napa Valley! Of course we knew there would be plenty of wine knowledge to absorb and thought we would absorb the wine as well!

After a snowy Sat. night we woke up to some snowy streets and hungry stomachs. We all decided that we would make up some snack trays and hold out for dinner to eat a full meal. We ventured out in the snow to Fresh Market which was this great supermarket that reminded me alot of Whole Foods! As soon as you walked in the smell of homemade food hits you. There is a quaint coffee shop in the corner and the store opens up into the fresh produce and prepared foods. Now i have a love for grocery stores that sometimes even erin feels threatened by...okay not really ;), but lets just say she knows what she's in for when we head to the store! This store also has a great wine and beer selection and hosts wine tastings as well. We walked around ooooing and ahhhing over the homemade hummus, various spreads and cheeses!! Molly and I are both fans of goat cheese so when we saw this treat we had to pick it up at try it!

It was soooo good. we had put it in the fridge when we got home so it was too solid at first, but the longer it sat the better the consistancy was. It definitely had the texture of goat cheese but the coco flavor came through far more than your typical goat cheese flavor. even erin liked it...and she is SO not a cheese person! It paired nicely with the strawberries as well! Although there are numerous varieties of goat cheese, it is all rather low calorie on the cheese spectrum. Low cal but not low in flavor!

Our snacks for the day included: Lime tostidos (one of my HUGE loves and vices), grapes/strawberries and cheese, broc/carrots and my homemade black bean dip (this recipe is really making its rounds :). Everything was delish and of course we had room for Chinese food later on in the evening.

Hold on to your stemware for the next post about a proper wine tasting...!


ttfn300 said...

omg chocolate goat cheese!!! heaven :)

Suzee said...

Portsmouth - my home - I'm so glad you enjoyed it!!!