Thursday, January 1, 2009

New Year...New Flavor

We still have sooo many flavors to try, not that i'm complaining! Sampling seemed to take the back burner around the holidays.

Today we decided tried Cinnamon Roll Larabar. Now i love cinnamon. I add it to my oatmeal. seriously! I also love to add it to my coffee. I just think its a nice spice to add some subtle flavor.
i guess everyone is not AS MUCH of a fan as I am...erin specifically.
Again she enjoyed the textures and flavors of this one, but she thought the cinnamon was a bit overpowering. I however LOVED it. It completely tasted like the center of the cinnamon roll that everyone waits until the last moment to eat :). YUM.

I would place this as my top flavor thus far.


Meg said...

Unfortunately I can't eat LaraBars anymore due to allergies, but cinnamon roll was always one of my favorites!

Tina said...

I loooooovveee Larabars!!! :)