Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Monday night mexican fiesta!

Who says you can't start the week off with a party? I had a hankering to cook AND we badly needed groceries for the week. We also had a six pack of Corona light in the fridge that i really didn't want to go bad...(nice how I refer to the corona as a produce item that could possibly go bad right? and in full disclosure we bought it on Sunday! no chance of it going bad that quickly :).

So it was an Easy pick: Mexican Ole!

We did in fact have two avocados that were on their way out and i love making homemade guac so that pairs perfect with Shrimp Fajitas! Surprising, or not so surprisingly if you follow my blog, i have made this meal before! I don't typically blog about repeat recipes but this one is so simple and it was almost a year ago that I made these (although i'm sure i have made them since and just not documented it with pictures and blog entries).

When I got home from the grocery store it was only 5:30 and erin and I typically eat around 7 so i had plenty of time to prep while she played some Wii bowling. (both of us starting Monday off with the things we love :). Okay I should be fair, she first juiced me about three limes that i needed for the marinade, which when you are a teacher with various paper cuts on your hands :( that task can be quite a feat!

I made the guac so it could sit in all the great flavors for an hour, cut up the peppers and onions and started the shrimp marinating (the need to sit for about 15 mins)! I realized that I was all out of chili powder ;(, so I threw in a little bit of red pepper flakes. Just added a little kick.

Then I joined erin for a Corona light and a round of bowling.

The peppers and onions took about five mins to soften up, then you move them into another pan while you sautee up the shrimp (marinated and all) for about 3-4 mins. then combine all to warm. It smelled and looked soooo good. I love all the different colors with the orange peppers, pink shrimp, green cilantro and peppers, purple onion...l it was like a little rainbow of flavor! They do say you eat with your eyes first.

We had some Joesph's flax and oat bran wraps on hand to use for our shells. A side note: these wraps are really tasty and have great fiber and are quite filling! I used one and cut it in half because I really wanted to fill up on the fajita filling. The whole wrap has only 70 cals, 1.5 fat grams and 6 grams of fiber! Did I mention it taste great and they make pitas and flat bread. Definitely give them a try!!

We paired the fajitas with the guac, fat free sour cream, salsa, chips and Corona Light. Erin loves this picture on the right...just look at that steaming bowl of yumminess!

There was definitely a fiesta that night...in our bellies!!

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DomestiKatie. said...

we had a fiesta last week, too!
our friends brought over fixin's for tacos (we provided the veggie soy crumbles instead of ground beef for dan), and i made my mom's mexican layer dip, and a SOPAPILLA CHEESCAKE. it was amazing! i'll post the recipe for those ASAP.