Monday, June 22, 2009

Boston Beer

I know that I mention my love of wine alot on this blog...but did you know that I drink beer too?! (i'm sure if you are reading this you know that already). So when our friends Clare and Adam invited us to attend American Craft Beerfest we gladly accepted.

It's a pretty simple concept. You pay for a ticket, get a 2oz tasting glass, and taste away!
Erin and I invited our friends Nick and Molly to join us and the six of us had a blast!

Erin and I arrived first and waited in a line that oddly reminded us of a Disney World ride. It was a theme park line for "adults only". When the seaport opened they quickly got us in and handed us a glass and a program. Since we had beat our other two couple friends to the start...we sampled a few beers before they got in. Erin and I looked over the map and quickly decided we just wanted to try everything!

We found some old favorites: (this is for Rob and Allison) and sampled plenty of new brews. The varietes were endless! I loved trying watertmelon beer with fresh slices of melon from 21st Amendment, and I even sampled sour tasting beer: (it definielty puckered my taste buds). We also had a great coffee stout that literally tasted like you were drinking an iced coffee (nick was in heaven!)

As you can see below i tried to use my "wine tasting skills" on beer. Many of the brews have quite distinctive smells. Especially all the fruit brews.
I then switched to using Clare and Adam's method of tasting ---------->

Seeing how many of us were already consumers of these local breweries we opted to sample from tables that we had never heard of or seen before...that lasted for a little bit and then we broke down and tried what we wanted. I had a lofty idea of keeping track of all of my samples and their ratings...but that quickly went out the window as well :).
They did have "dump buckets" throughout the venue as well as water jugs to rinse your glass between pours. Molly definietly took advantage of the dump buckets (due to her DD status!)...i will admit I joined her on a few (i wanted to have longevity).
There were so many different "personalities" there and each brewery had its own unique and fun staff as well. Nick helped me obtain a souvenir from one of them and all i had to do was tell a joke (cannot be mentioned or explained on the blog:)...I think Nick was proud of me.
I was really impressed that we barely waited in any line over 2minutes (and yes that includes the bathroom ladies!).
I think you can tell by the smiles that we were both content with our tastes!