Monday, June 22, 2009

Green Monkey

This resturant was amazing! I just thought it was appropriate to start with that because that pretty much says it all...(but since this is a blog I will elborate a bit ;)

Erin and I recently headed to Portsmouth, NH to have dinner with our friends Nick and Molly. They had been to the Green Monkey once before for after dinner drinks and Nick (who does NOT drink martini's) was able to knock down a good amount of their Blood Orange Martini's quite easily. We had also taken Molly to their sister resturant Brazo for her bachlorette party and the food/drink/service was stellar! So we decided it was a must go, and a must try for the food as well!
It was a Saturday night and Portsmouth is a coastal town so the summer's can tend to be pretty busy downtown and we hadn't made a reservation. No worries! We walked in around 8ish and the host quickly looked into getting us a table. Within two minutes we were seated with their amazing drink and food menu. We jumped right into the drink list and quickly saw why they won "best martini" from a couple of NH magazines. Molly and I decided on "The Wild Blueberry lemonade: Stoli blueberi Vodka, wild blueberry puree and fresh squeezed lemon juice". THIS WAS GREAT! I love when a martini has all fresh ingrediants! Erin decided upon the "Ginger Pear Martini: Absolut Pear vodka, ginger syrup and sour mix"...also A.MAZE.ING. And of course Nick revisited the Blood Orange Martini which isn't listed on their website but Nick will totally vouch for it's delisiousness. Each drink also came with a little monkey on the glass. All the monkey's fell down at the end.

Next came the food options...
We were all pretty hungry so we decided to get two appetizers to share. We pick the LEMONGRASS STEAMED MUSSELS (sauteed in a coconut milk, lemongrass and green curry broth) and the PAN SEARED ROCK CRAB CAKE (parsley and caper aioli, fresh citrus salsa)> both great! They served the table fresh, warm bread with some sort of orange butter...we didn't know what it was but it was great.
They had a special entree that night that I easily ordered as soon as I heard the description. From what i can remember is was something like this: "seared Yellowfin Tuna served with a coconut basmati rice and a carrot and pepper salad". YES PLEASE. Here was the rest of their menu.

Erin went for the Mahi Mahi, Molly tried the Pad Thai, and Nick went with the Duck. Each one was so colorful and more importantly tasted fresh and Delicious. We were in food heaven.

Now you wouldn't know from looking at her but our friend molly had a small pouch in her stomach just used for desert! I happily looked over the menu with her, and boy am i glad i did. Honestly this is one of my most favorite deserts EVER. Seriously. ever.

Behold the: Marinated Fig Tart served with cinnamon crisp ice cream and local raw honey. the crisps in the ice cream almost tasted like cookies...honestly i think erin took a little sample and i inhaled the rest. incredible.
This restaurant was by far one of my favorites! The service was great. The drinks were inventive and yummy and the food knocked it out of the park.
Oh and the company was the best part!