Monday, June 15, 2009

Ligers love Salmon...just not cinnamon

Our amazing friends scott and terra hosted a going away South African themed weekend party (for Scott who is headed to South Africa for a month!) that we were lucky enough to attend. Because they live a few hours from us they hosted us for the whole weekend! Now I have somehow managed (maybe paid) to get Scott and Terra to read my blog so they are quite aware of my love of healthy eating and fish and therefore decided to treat us to an amazing Salmon meal! (they are so thoughtful)

Scott is quite the Grill Master and we have spent many a weekend being treated to his cooking while Terra cooks up all the side dishes and treats(she makes a mean sugar cookie is all i can say!). This meal was no exception. Terra said she simply googled "salmon recipes" and found that this one had the highest rating on The fish was flaky, flavorful and fantastic! We all commented that it was as tasty as any restaurant fish. YUM. The leftovers were quickly devoured over the weekend!
Terra marinated the salmon for a few hours and then Scott wrapped the fillets in foil to throw on the grill. Ten minutes later they were perfectly flaky. For the record Scott grilled himself up a nice big steak! Terra made a delicious potato dish (they tasted like a baked potato in a pan!) with low fat ingredients. seriously, they are great.
Little did Terra know that my costume for the upcoming weekend would be a Liger...and everyone knows liger's love salmon!!!

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Terra said...

Thanks for the recipe shoutout!

Also, you should mention that the salmon was extra fresh because a liger caught for us earlier that morning. I wish we'd thought to get the leftovers out for the liger dance so we could reenact that moment...