Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Smooth and Zinful!

It was a gloomy Tuesday. What are a couple of wine lovers to do? another bottle from CA! erin and i have both been quite tentative on opening our bottles of wine for a couple of reasons:

1. we love all our wines and might be sad when they are gone.
2. we rarely have weekends so the option to finish off a bottle in one sitting is slim. (not sure how long it will take to finish it)

BUT, thankfully our membership to Imagery has made us more willing to drink bottles that we didn't actually buy on our trip, but rather got as a club member.

Tonight we decided to uncork our 2005 Zinfandel. I couldn't even find this wine on their website which is one of the perks of being members. Not sure if I have already mentioned this but Imagery does not distribute to stores/rest/etc, So being a member definitely has it's perks. How can you not feel special when you get a bottle of wine that no one around you can purchase. Jealous? we share! This is how they describe the wine in our information brochure that came with the shipment:

Taylor Zinfandel 2006 (Dry Creek Valley)
Tasting notes: (from the pamphlet not my impressive palate)
full-bodied, yet silky smooth Zinfandel with dark fruit flavors and slight spice.

On to the tasting...We LOVED this wine. erin and i both though it was very smooth with no tannis (yeah!). It went down very nicely (maybe too nicely on a Tuesday night :) and would pair great with a nice BBQ meal, yes even in the summer. I think people tend to keep reds for the winter or to drink with red meat (which I don't eat) or heavy meals and then partake in white in the summer months. Although sometimes I do find a heavy red not as appealing on a hot summer day, i say drink what you like...when you like! And just for the record this is how we like to drink:

(erin's is stemless and I am not!)

Wonder what bottle will be next?!