Monday, June 15, 2009

Rocky Road Brownies

As many of my numerous blog followers may know (okay Scott, terra and erin), erin is currently teaching and loving it! Soon she will experience yet another perk of her new found career...summer vacation! In preparation for this perk of teaching many teachers partake in end of the year parties. Erin was no exception. Although I am unable to attend these perks in person I choose to support in the only way I know how...baking!

Alot of erin's co-workers are familiar with my "healthified" cooking attempts so I wanted to send erin in with something deceptively delicious. I saw this new HG recipe for Rocky Road Brownies and it looked simply straightforward and scrumptious.

I do have some all important notes for this one as well!
First off an ingredient note: HG list to use the Betty Crocker Family Brownies Mix (18.3 oz). I actually looked around at other brownie mixes and they really do have a variety of oz measurements listed on each box. With that said I think it's important to use the amount called for. Also the grocery store was out of the one other item I needed (canned pumpkin) so I picked up canned squash assuming that any canned root veggie would do! It seemed to work out well. You don't add the marshmallows and almonds until about 10 mins before cooking time is over. I used that opportunity to capture of layers of this treat.

These cooked up nicely and I made sure to let them sit for several hours in the fridge to solidify before slicing. The next morning I cubed them up and sample a moist little bite. These were good! They not only tasted fudge like but kept alot of moisture and texture as well.
Coincidentally erin told me that one of the other teachers cooked the EXACT same recipe.
That HG really gets around!