Saturday, December 27, 2008

Christmas Hangovers....

Are you ever surprised at how much you can eat and drink over the holiday's? Each morning i would wake up thinking this would be a "lighter" day eating wise...and by the end of of the day...not so much. There are just so many traditions to hold and food to eat. I really tried to let myself indulge a bit and hit up the gym everyday to keep myself feeling healthy!

We used to get together with family for Christmas dinner but the older everyone gets the more obligations they have on that day so this year my Aunt Gina and Uncle Pat hosted a dinner on the 26th. My Aunt Gina is Italian and a great cook which equals Lasagna and Meatballs. We all brought something to pass. I made my black bean dip and threw it on a plate with veggies (I tried to go with something healthy).
My mom was asked to make her homemade Egg-Nog. Now I must say this is one of those Christmas traditions that I speak about, BUT it is really really rich. I'm taking whole eggs, half and half, evaporated milk, ice's all in there. She serves it in little punch cups and everyone raves about it. Everything in moderation!

I have blogged about my HG egg nog before so I thought I would try HG Pumpkin Nog as another egg nog option at the party. It turned out great. I made a batch of original and a batch of the pumpkin. The pumpkin won over the crowd. Although my mom's was definitely the best I was glad that people tried mine!!

I think I am on holiday food overload...and i'm only half-way through vacation :)