Sunday, December 21, 2008

Yuletide taste like...

I officially tried my first holiday beer. I know, kinda late, but I figure i have a whole week of Christmas vacation to catch up with no work to worry about. Prime tasting conditions.

Erin had picked up this bottle at Julio's liquor, which in case I haven't mentioned before is the BEST package store ever! They always have tons of beer choices and great wines with amazing prices. You can find anything there. She chose Yuletide because it was one of the cheaper ones and she liked the festive bottle! (that's my new platter Santa brought early!)
when i got home from work yesterday we cracked the beer, poured it into our Reindeer pint glasses and sipped away.
So...not my favorite. It has a spicy amber taste which was good, but the thicker consistency soon gave me something to dread. It kind of reminded me of drinking a Guinness, so it came as no surprise when erin offered to finish it off. I moved onto a skinny margarita :).

Let's just say we both had plenty of Holiday Cheer!