Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Thai-tastic Tuesday Dinner

Although I have been doing alot of baking and making recently I haven't really made a meal in quite sometime. Between the holidays and parties most of my cooking has been snacks and cookies! Not that I'm complaining but eating soup and sandwich can get a bit boring! So when erin suggested that i cook something for our Tuesday date night I loved the what to make.

I spent my breakfast time perusing the usual sites to see if something grabbed my interest. I quickly decided I wanted to cook an ethnic dish, but quite frankly felt that i had exhausted all my Mexican dishes lately. I moved onto Indian food (which both erin and i love) but most of these had quite a bit of ingredients that I would have to purchase. Finally I remembered a recipe from my Hungry-Girl Recipe book: Rockin Shrimp Pad Thai. Unfortunately I can't link the recipe because you have to buy the book to see this one, but it's soooo worth it.

This recipe uses Tofu Shirataki noodles, which are extremely low in calories and high in fiber! I made a few alterations to my dish adding: brussels sprouts (surprise surprise), mushrooms and I add a bit more of the sauce to ensure all the veggies were coated. I stuck to the two packages of Tofu noodles as well as the measurements for the scallions and bean sprouts. I used egg whites instead of egg beaters just because that is what I had in the fridge! I know this isn't as helpful without the recipe but seriously, BUY THE BOOK. You won't run out of things to make!

It was a HUGE success! First off the recipe serves two and we even had leftovers (I think because I added so many veggies). At first bite the chili sauce is quite powerful. Now erin loves spice so she really enjoyed it but I had to thin mine out a bit with some soy sauce. Also we both agreed that although the sauce was great you didn't get a strong peanut flavor from this as you might expect. I think next time around I might cut back on the chili and up the amount of peanut butter. Something to note however is that I read alot that when you want to lose weight to add hot spices to your food as it can cause you to slow down/limit the amount of food you eat...that sure worked last night.

It was really good though! Both erin and I commented on how nice textures of the egg whites and bean sprouts were in the dish.

I must say...It was Thai-tastic!!